Jiffy lube is a top most company and they are providing variety of vehicle services and they have been performing the oil changes for past 35 years. But what the most of the people does not know about the jiffy lube is that they have also employed technicians who are highly trained in the brake pad replacement. In which once the brake system inspection have been completed the jiffy lube technicians will replace the brake pads if it is of necessary one. The following are the some of the services that jiffy lube brakes repair includes. They are.

  • Resurfacing of drums and rotors if it is necessary
  • Adjusting and cleaning the parking and drum brakes
  • Installation and replacement of rotors, brake hoses, master brake cylinders, drums, brake hardware and calipers.
  • Removal of air and brake fluid flush from the brake lines
  • Diagnostic and repairing the Anti-lock braking system

Brake is the necessary and mandatory requirement that should be properly maintained and replaced in which you need to check from time to time in order to ensure that your car remains roadworthy and in addition to keeping you and other road users safely. When you are doing brake replacement for the first time then you will not be aware of what brand will be good, life time of the brake, whether it is made up of good quality material and many more things. In which you may also have to spend a little more money to get the parts that are durable.


The brake pads are in a new window is the part of the braking mechanism that is often need to replacement and checked frequently because they are more prone to wear. These brake pads generally holds lifetime for about 25,000 to 75,000 miles that too based on the quality and usage of the vehicle, so it is very important to install a high quality and standard brake pad in your vehicle and making often checking. The Brake Pad Replacement Cost Jiffy Lube mainly depends on the customer locality, the car they are driving, which brake pad package they are choosing and in addition to this they cost also includes the repairs works, if a promotion is being held. If there is only brake pad replacement service then the costs a basic package of about $225 per axle that includes the labor charge but the branded “signature” brake package will be costing more than $299 per axle.

 In addition to the Brake pad replacement Cost Jiffy Lube the technician of jiffy lube founds other problems which need to be addresses such as calipers and/or replacing the rotors where they will be also doing the work along with the brake replacement. In addition to this brake pads the technicians of the jiffy lube also replace the calipers and rotors and at rare case they will also replace the two calipers since the parts do not experience wear and less expensive.


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